Coming April 2016

Master of the Grill

Get Ready to Grill with the Best Recipes, Tips, and Techniques from America’s Test Kitchen

Press Release [PDF]

Press Release [PDF]

Are precut steak tips worth buying? Why make divots in burgers? What’s the best supermarket barbecue sauce? How do you make great street corn at home? Are all grill tongs created equal? America’s Test Kitchen fires up the grill to answer these questions and many more in the inventive new book Master of the Grill.

Part field guide to grilling and barbecuing and part cookbook, Master of the Grill features a wide variety of foolproof recipes along with the best tools to use, food science, clever grill hacks, and shopping tips mixed in—everything you need to know to grill successfully. With more than 400 recipes, we include just about anything you’d ever want to grill—from the juiciest burgers to sweet and tangy barbecued chicken to tender grill-smoked pork ribs. We also feature dishes you’ve always wanted to try on the grill but didn’t know where to start, like fruits and vegetables, whole fish, pizza, and even tofu. This is our best collection of classic, contemporary, and regional grilling recipes.

With recipes and techniques arranged by skill level—from The Basics to The Easy Upgrades to The Serious Projects—cooks of all stripes can dive in and choose their own outdoor cooking adventure. Regional specialties are featured throughout so readers can learn how to make favorite dishes from across the country, like Kansas City Sticky Ribs, Lone Star Beef Brisket, and Alabama Barbecued Chicken.

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On Sale April 2016
ISBN: 978-1-940352-54-1
$29.95, 464 pages, paperback, four-color throughout

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